There are a lot of families that call in and seek advice or come to us for consultation. Alhamdullilah we are most happy to help….and may ALLAH(SWT) help us help people on the right path. My comment right on top of the topic for discussion is very important. I do not judge people but we observe people and their body language and their communication gives a lot of information for you to come to a conclusion.

Simple logic. if a father is a good Husband, your son will be a good husband too. If the mother is a good wife, the girl will follow the footsteps of the mother. The trend in Canada, USA and countries around the world is changing every day. Families are becoming so materialistic that the first thing that a husband and wife do is separate the bank account. I know couples who have been together for 10, 20, 30 or 40 years together and never thought of separating their accounts.

When you talk to a couple, you can see that the husband is sleeping in the basement and the wife is sleeping on the first floor or they are just keeping the charade of being married for the children’s sake.

But what are the children learning??
Is this normal?
Is this how parents are supposed to be?

When there is no love or pleasure of having a family or being a family?

So Parents, Please FIX your family first. From when a father enters the house and he says “Assalaam Alaikum”, shows his love to his wife and children… for the wife dress for your husband, run to the door with your kids to welcome him home after a tiring day. Make these small changes in your lifestyle which has now been burdened by the pressure of this world and see how your family changes…..

Have a blessed family life.

Yasmeena Menon

Muslim Matrimonial Canada, USA, Worldwide

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